Mine-Craft.io is a game like Minecraft. In Mine-Craft.io you can do the same thing as in a regular minecraft and even more! Get resources, build houses and various mechanisms, make friends, protect themselves from evil mobs at night and aggressive players. Create your own worlds for storing resources, building houses, and more! Share worlds and play with friends! Play Mini Games like on Hypixel! Earn rewards every day. Build your own business in the game, trade with players. Collect and trade rare items. Participate in community events and giveaways. There are several mini games available: SkyWars - There is an island and you need to kill your opponent. BedWars - SkyWars with islands, but you need to protect your bed on it and destroy the opponent's bed. Zombies - Like zombies? Here is a game for you. You need to survive as many waves as you can. AmongUs ඞ - Like real Among Us game, complete tasks with crewmates and find impostors. Duels - Just a duel with 2 or 4 players, it is available in Creative and Survival modes. Deathmatch - Infinite battle with instant shooting crossbows, show who is boss here! Spleef - Like in the good old times, where this game was on every minecraft server. You need to dig a block of sand under your opponent and let him fall. Maze - Just a maze with hidden patches and secrets.